Pildiotsingu stihl battery range tulemus

You don’t have to buy every machine. Especially if you use the product only once or twice a year – then it is more reasonable to rent.

Or sometimes you need to try the product before buying to make sure it is right fit for you. If you decide to buy it, you don’t have to pay the rent. It’s that simple!

Product picture Product name Cost of rent (1 day) € incl. VAT Deposit € incl. VAT
 h-hsa25_tasche-t001 Cordless shrub shears Stihl HSA 25 17 25
 Teleskoopvars ratastega HSA25-0 Telescopic shaft for HSA 25 5
 Akuhekipügaja HSA 45 Battery powered hedge cutter Stihl HSA 45 20 25
 fsa45 Battery string trimmer Stihl FSA 45 20 25
 Akutrimmer FSA 56 Compact Battery string trimmer Stihl FSA 56 25 25
 akku-msa140cbq_eu-d001 Battery powered chain saw Stihl MSA140 25 50
 s_red_3 Safety protector against saw chain M 3
 turvakummikud Economy nr. 41-47-0  Safety rubber boots  42 3
 turvakummikud Economy nr. 41-47-0 Safety rubber boots 45 3
Pildiotsingu kiiver yukon tulemus Helmet Yukon 3
 akku-hsa56_eu-d001 (1) Battery powered hedge cutter Stihl HSA56 25 25
 akumulatorove-zahradne-duchadlo-stihl-bga-56-set-45230115910 Battery powered  blower Stihl BGA 56 20 25
 Akuhekipügaja HLA 85 PRO Telescopic hedge cutter Stihl HLA 85 PRO 35 50
Akutoitega kõrglõikur HTA 85 PRO Telescopic chain saw Stihl HTA 85 PRO 30 50
 Pildiotsingu fsa 65 tulemus Battery string trimmer Stihl FSA 65 PRO 25 50
 Image result for ego multitool Multi-tool engine EGO 25 50
 ego-ep7501-multi-tool-extension-attachment Multi-tool extension pole EGO 3
 hta2000 Multi-tool hedge trimmer EGO 5
 ego-psa1000-multi-tool-chainsaw-attachment Multi-tool chain saw EGO 5

Multi Tool grass cutter EGO BCA1200


Multi Tool string trimmer EGO STA1500


Battery powered string trimmer EGO ST1500E 56V 

25 50

Battery powered hedge cutter EGO HT6500E 56V

25 50
 Pildiotsingu Alpina SC 40 G tulemus Lawn scarifier Alpina SC40G 30 50
Pildiotsingu stihl hb 560 tulemus Tiller Stihl HB560 30 50
 Hekipügaja HSE 71 Electrical hedge cutter Stihl HSE71 17 25
 Image result for mtd g46m Lawn mower MTD G46M 20 50
 ge_250_s__st_r Garden Shredder Viking GE250 25 50



In order to rent the rental equipment, a Rental Agreement is concluded between the lessee and Saemeister OÜ (the lessor).
The lessee will need to present an identity document (ID card or passport) and a cash deposit which will be refunded to the lessee when the equipment is returned.
The lease is valid from the date the equipment is delivered to the lessee until the day it is returned to the Saemeister OÜ, including the aforementioned days.
The rental period is calculated 6 days a week, unless otherwise stated.
The rent is according to the price list.
The rent and deposit is paid in advance.
If the tenant decides to purchase the rented product, no rent will be charged. Offer valid for 1 day rental only. In the case of a longer lease, the purchase price of the new equipment will be deducted 1 day rental cost.
The rent does not include transport, assembly, fuel. The Saemeister must issue a working and tested device. Complaints about the working condition of the device must be made within 24 hours.
If the lease is in effect, the installments will be paid out over a period of two weeks, subject to a 14 day period, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
Saemeister shall not be liable for costs incurred by the Lessee for inadequate maintenance or inadequate handling of the equipment during the lease.
Saemeister shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Lessee by the Rental Equipment.
By signing the Rental Agreement, the Lessee confirms that he / she has read the safety requirements and operating instructions of the rental tools.
If the equipment is either destroyed or stolen during the lease, the lessee must pay the lessor the new purchase price for the same equipment.
The lessee must return the unit clean, otherwise the lessor will clean the unit at the lessee’s expense.
The Lessee shall not assign the Lease or any equipment rented under it to a third party without the Lessor’s written permission.
If the Lessee breaches the terms of this agreement, the lessor has the right to cancel the agreement and take back the equipment without the lessor’s consent. The Lessee shall bear all expenses incurred by the Lessor in the event of non-performance or improper performance by the Lessee of the terms of the Agreement, as well as any costs incurred by the Lessor or a third party in the collection of interest.
Disputes concerning the lease shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
More detailed terms and conditions are provided in the lease agreement, which is concluded between the parties at the Saemeister’s Representative Center, Aardla 25, Tartu.