Don’t want to pay the whole amount at once? Pay in installments!

Use Saemeister installment when paying for your products or services – the most affordable, convenient and fastest installment link in Estonia!

Add products to shopping cart, confirm your order and choose:

  • Pay in installments

link from payment methods. When making a payment, select the appropriate period, the monthly installment amount and digitally sign it conveniently with your ID card or Mobile ID.

Saemeister installment is an extremely fast and convenient payment solution that helps you set up a payment schedule based on the time period you choose. This payment solution makes a real-time decision and helps you make your purchase in less than 60 seconds.

ATTENTION! Each installment is a financial liability. Before entering into a hire purchase agreement, read the terms of service and consult an expert if necessary.

The sawmill hire is provided by ESTO AS (reg. Code 14180709).

The following are the standard terms and conditions of Saemeister installment:

Interest from 0%
Contract fee starting from 0 euros
Period up to 3 years
All citizens of the Republic of Estonia who are 18-70 years of age can apply for the Saemeister installment. It is also possible for companies to use Saemeister installment.

Every financial decision comes with risks and obligations, so we ask you to think carefully about the need to consume credit products. For example, for a loan of EUR 2049 for a period of 12 months at a fixed interest rate of 11.8% per year and a contract fee of EUR 14.90, the APR is 25.94%, the monthly payment is EUR 193.04 and the total amount repayable by the consumer is EUR 2316.48.



LHV hire-purchase makes it possible to pay for goods in instalments. Complete an application here or at our shop, and we will provide you with a quotation straight away.

  • We will respond to your application within minutes.
  • Down payment starting from 0 euros.
  • Fixed interest rate 11,9% per year.
  • Premature payment free of charge.

You yourself can select a monthly payment amount and a repayment period that suits you.

Purchase amount 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months
300 27 15 11 8
500 45 24 18 14
1000 91 49 35 28
3000 272 147 105 85

This is a rounded sample monthly payment, if the interest rate is 15.9%. The eventual monthly payment is specified in the contract.

Conditions of hire-purchase

  • A decision granting hire-purchase is valid for 90 days. During this period, you can apply the limit provided to purchase goods or services.

  • Contract fee starting from EUR 9.90.

  • Term of contract up to 48 months.

Additional information

6802 700


Hire-purchase is provided by AS LHV Finance. Review the terms and conditions at the sales point or and consult our expert.

The hire-purchase service is offered by AS LHV Finance. Review the terms and conditions at the vendor or the address and consult our expert. The monthly hire-purchase payment is 37,91 € and the annual percentage rate of charge is 25,59% on the following sample terms and conditions: cost of the product/service 700 €, down-payment 0%, credit amount 700 €, annual interest rate of 19,9% on the outstanding balance (fixed), contract fee 19,9 €, hire-purchase period of 23 months, with monthly annuity payments, in the total sum of 871,93 € and the total sum of monthly payments being 871,93 €.

Svea Finance installment

The service is provided by Svea Finance AS, Hallivanamehe 4, Tallinn, tel. +372 6 799 422, license no. FFA000064

Pildiotsingu svea finance tulemus

Check the terms of the financial service and consult an expert if necessary. The annual percentage rate of charge is 19.77% for the following sample terms: installment amount € 500, down payment 0%, repayment term 2 years, fixed interest rate 9.5% per year, risk margin 0.2% per month, contract fee € 19.5. Postpay period 24 months, refunds and total € 599.96.

Easy application, quick response and convenient administration!

Svea Finance hire purchase is an affordable, easy and convenient solution for major or unexpected purchases. To enter into a hire purchase agreement with Svea Finance:

Select a good or service

Svea Finance hire purchase is available for products or services ranging from € 125 to € 4,500. You can choose a installment period of 3 to 48 months. You can also make purchases up to $ 1,000 without a down payment.

Fill out the application

Apply for a hire purchase at our partner store locally or online. It usually takes a few minutes to respond to your request.

Enter into a hire purchase agreement

In the event of a positive decision, you will have to present your ID and sign a hire purchase agreement. You can also sign the agreement digitally if needed.

Postpay terms

The amount to be financed by installments is EUR 125 – 4,500.
Period 3 – 48 months.
Interest 9,5% on the residual value.
Installment surcharge of 0.2% of the installment amount each month.
Contract fee 7 € + 2.5% of the amount financed. You do not have to pay the contract immediately – it is divided into installments and added to the monthly payment.
Terms for individuals

At least 21 years old citizen of the Republic of Estonia or under a valid residence permit of the Republic of Estonia
person present.
Minimum net income of € 250 per month accrued in your account in the last 6 months.
There must be no open payment defaults.
If necessary, a bank account statement for the last 6 months must be provided.
Terms and conditions for businesses

Must have been in business for at least 12 months.
Private guarantee is required if the active period of the company is less than 12 months.
All required annual reports and tax returns with due date must be submitted.
The application must also include a balance sheet and a profit and loss account as at a maximum of three months.
You can apply for Svea Finance hire in the E-shop or in-store. In the event of a positive decision, a hire purchase agreement will be concluded on site. It is also possible to sign the contract digitally.

The service is provided by Svea Finance AS. Consult the terms and conditions of the service with the merchant’s customer service representative, consult an expert if necessary. The annual percentage rate of charge is 19.82% for the following sample terms: installment amount € 500, deposit 0%, repayment term 2 years, interest 9.5% per annum, installment premium 0.2% monthly, contract fee € 19.50.

Liisi installment

Hire-purchase will help you get the goods you need. The contract is concluded directly in the shop.

Pildiotsingu liisi järelmaks tulemus

You can read the general terms and conditions of the loan agreement here
You can find the price list here
if we should ask for an account statement, you can find instructions on how to get one here
The service is provided by Holmbank OÜ. The annual percentage rate of charge is 32.96% for the following sample terms: installment amount € 450, contract period 12 months.

NB! Each loan is a financial liability. Carefully consider your decision – read the terms and conditions of your loan agreement and consult an expert if necessary The final monthly payment depends on the customer’s creditworthiness and may differ from the loan calculator below. Contact the merchant for the exact loan offer! Liisi hire purchase terms:

Liisi hire can be applied for by all citizens of the Republic of Estonia who are at least 18 years of age or who have a permanent residence permit in Estonia
The duration of the contract is 2 to 48 months
There is no minimum purchase amount
How to apply for Liisi’s hire purchase?

The contract is concluded in the shop
The merchant sends the applicant details to Liisa, who makes a decision within minutes
In the event of a positive decision, the merchant will print the contract and submit it to you for signature
Postpay calculator:

Feel free to ask Liisi for hire. We always find the best solution for you.



Financing solutions for business customers and the public sector

Deposit from 0 €
Periods 1-5 years
Insurance is included in the offer
Amount from 800 €
A quick and easy process – a chance to reach a contract within hours
The clients of Inbank Liising AS are companies, local governments and state institutions in the form of leasing. Inbank Liiising AS offers a suitable solution for financing machinery and equipment, including full-service leasing, operating lease, finance lease, small lease, refinancing.

Inbank Liising AS operating model:

freedom to choose – you choose the leasing property you want;
best solution – we offer you the best leasing solution;
insurance coverage – all leasing assets are immediately covered by the transaction;
professional support – we advise you on all leasing issues;
several options – at the end of the operating lease there is an option to extend the lease period or buy out the property.