Lawn tractor RT 4112 SZ


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With the compact RT 4112 SZ ride-on mower, you can even cope with major gardening tasks. In order to drive this powerful model effortlessly and safely, it offers equipment features that provide for simple operation and a high level of driving comfort. These include single-pedal self-propulsion 1 with which you can quickly select between the forward and reverse gear and between standstill and top speed. The sporty design, low step and comfortable driver’s seat, which can be adapted to your body size without tools, ensure pleasant working conditions. The blades of the mowing deck can be activated and deactivated with ease from the control panel. Thanks to the catching management system on both sides of the mowing deck, the grass blades are gathered in ideal manner across the entire cutting width. The side discharge ensures that you can mow extensive areas in a single working operation. Your clippings are distributed over the lawn, meaning that no emptying of the grass catcher box is required

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Weight 224 kg
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Terade lülitamine

Conveniently operated from the control panel.

Cutting system

Mulching as extra option, Side discharge