Battery powered lawnmower Combi 50 SQ DAE


Battery powered lawnmower with 46 cm cutting width. Two batteries and charger included!

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The eco-friendly STIGA Combi 50 SQ DAE lawnmower is powered by a next-generation double battery that guarantees quiet operation, zero emissions and low maintenance. The STIGA lawnmowers in the 500 Synchronized range are powered by two batteries that work simultaneously, balancing the different charges for more independence and a longer battery lifetime. The Combi 50 SQ DAE operates with a 48 cm cutting width and 70 litre grass collector with grassbag full indicator. Rear-wheel drive provides assistance for ease of use, whilst the electronic regulator lets you match the machine’s speed to your walking speed. This versatile lawnmower can also be used in side discharge mode, rear discharge mode or mulching mode, which finely shreds the clippings and deposits them on the ground as a powerful natural fertilizer. The centralised cutting height selector can be easily set to 5 different heights (ranging from 25 to 65 mm) using the handy lever. The folding soft-grip handle features a 1.54″ OLED display for monitoring the battery charge level (shown in %), the speed and the activation of the Eco-Mode function. A window in the motor lets you see the battery’s LED charge. The two 4.0 Ah batteries and charger are included and can be used in all STIGA 500 Series products.

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